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6 Packs of Thai Syok PLUS+ Sauce, allowed you to cook for a big group or multiple meal. Thai Syok PLUS+ All-Match Serious - Kam Heung Sauce, bring you to a new level of cooking experience. Matching most of the ingredients you like and easy to cook. Damn  Syok~  


Cooking Step: 

1. Prepare approximately 300g your raw ingredient. Preferable any meat or seafood.

准备大約300g 新鲜材料,建议使用各式肉类或海鲜。


2. Cook your raw ingredients to well done.

Preferable to deep fried with batter until golden brown.



3. Once your meat / seafood is done, remove all excess oil, add 1 portion of Kam Heung Paste and gently stir fried.

材料煮熟后, 将多余的炸、煎油倒出,然后加入我们一份甘香酱 快炒至全热即可出锅!


YouTube: How to Cook with Thai Syok Kam Heung Sauce

Kam Heung Sauce (200g x 6) 甘香醬 (200克 x 6)

  • Vegetables Oil, Chili, Garlic, Onion, Curry Leaf, Dried Shrimp,

    Spices, Salt, Sugar, Tomato, Msg.


  • Please keep in the refrigerator after open, with temperature between 0°c ~ 4°c., and consumed within 1 week.

    开封后请存放在雪柜里,确保温度在0°c ~ 4°c, 並在7天内享用完。

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