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All-Match Serious - 3 Taste Sauce, bring you to a new level of cooking experience. Matching most of the ingredients you like and easy to cook. Very Syok~  


Pairing with 搭配

Thai Fragrance Rice 泰國香米飯,brown rice 糙米, Egg Fried 蛋炒飯

Cooking Process:

1. Prepare approximately 300g your raw ingredient. Preferable any meat, big or small prawns or Chinese bean curd. Big Chili, Pineapple and onion cut into 1cm x 1cm size and set aside.  

准备大約300g 新鲜材料,建议使用各式肉类,大小蝦或磚豆腐。輔料切1cm x 1cm 備用。


2. Cook your raw ingredients to well done.

Preferable to deep fried with batter until golden brown.



3. Once your meat / seafood is done, remove all excess oil, add 1 portion of Kam Heung Paste and gently stir fried.

材料煮熟后, 将多余的炸、煎油倒出,然后加入我们一份甘香酱 快炒至全热即可出锅!


YouTube: How To Cook with Thai Syok Plus+ 3 Taste Sauce

Thai Syok Plus 3 Taste Sauce ( 200g ) 百搭 三味醬 (200克)

  • Vegetables Oil, Water, Chili, Garlic, Onion, Spirit Vinegar,

    Salt, Sugar, Msg, Tomato,


  • Please keep in the refrigerator after open, with temperature between 0°c ~ 4°c., and consumed within 1 week.

    开封后请存放在雪柜里,确保温度在0°c ~ 4°c, 並在7天内享用完。

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