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9 Packs of Thai Syok PLUS+ Sauce, 3 flavour of each, allowed you to cook for a big group or multiple meal in varient of variety. Thai Syok PLUS+ All-Match Serious - Kam Heung Sauce, Green Curry and 3 Taste Sauce bring you to a new level of cooking experience. Matching most of the ingredients you like and easy to cook. Damn  Syok~  


YouTube: How to Cook with Thai Syok Kam Heung Sauce


YouTube: How To Cook with Thai Syok Plus+ Green Curry Paste


YouTube: How To Cook with Thai Syok Plus+ 3 Taste Sauce


3 Type of Sauce (9 Packs)

  • Please keep in the refrigerator after open, with temperature between 0°c ~ 4°c., and consumed within 1 week.

    开封后请存放在雪柜里,确保温度在0°c ~ 4°c, 並在7天内享用完。

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